Code of Ethics

C O D E  O F  E T H I C S

As a condition of membership all members of The Holistic Hypnotherapy Society accept this Code of Ethics and agree :

To conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

Shall not misrepresent themselves or their qualification.

Shall hold Professional Indemnity insurance cover at all times ( available through Tower Gate Ins )

Will consider the safety and wellbeing of their client as paramount importance

Shall conduct a ‘Contra-Indication’ exercise and obtain written consent from every client prior to treatment. In the case of Minors or vulnerable persons, Parental/Guardian permission and chaperone are essential.

Will maintain the confidentiality of any matters discussed with the client

Shall never make a medical diagnosis.

Shall not under any circumstances offer or promise cures for any medical conditions.

Shall not advise clients to discontinue any course of medical treatment as prescribed by a Medical Practitioner.

Shall be clear as to the expected outcomes, timescale and any cost involved in the treatment of the client

Shall not at any time breach the common code of morality nor enter into a sexual relationship with their client.

Shall keep written records only with the express permission of the client. Such records to be kept in a secure location with only authorised access as agreed with the client.

Shall comply with all Health & Safety legislation as is applicable to the practice.

Shall make adequate provision for the client to access the Member in an emergency within a reasonable timescale.

Shall realise their therapeutic limitations and be prepared to refer the client to more appropriate resources.  

Shall endeavour through self-monitored Continued Professional Development to keep abreast of improvements within or applicable their chosen therapeutic modalities.

This CODE OF ETHICS is subject to improvement and may be extended at any time and will be displayed with update notes on this web site