The Holistic Hypnotherapy Society is open to all including international membership and was formed to acknowledge the effort and commitment of those previously unrecognised therapists who have chosen to educate themselves, often over many years, however through personal circumstances may have been unable to attend mainstream college based tuition.

All our members provide complementary therapies to a very high and accredited standard in their chosen fields, gaining huge hands-on experience beyond the formal setting of a sometimes sterile classroom environment. All have also included Hypnotherapy as part of their holistic approach to wellbeing objectives.

“Experience cannot be bought” and this is never more poignant as in the case of dealing sensitively with people at a vulnerable time in their lives as they seek help and guidance through their problems.

We all have to learn our craft however theory has to be put into practice at some initial point. The receipt of a new qualification from whatever source without a previous solid foundation in providing complementary therapies may not be enough in itself to ensure a safe, successful outcome for the client.

For members of the Holistic Hypnotherapy Society the use of hypnotherapy goes hand in hand with other modalities as solutions are tailored to meet the individual clients requirements rather than a standard scripted session.